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Best High Court lawyer in Mumbai - High Court law

Best High Court lawyer in Mumbai: At the state level, the High Court serves as the supreme court. India's High Courts have original, appellate, civil, criminal, ordinary, and extraordinary jurisdiction. Under the Indian High Court Act of 1861, the first high courts were established in India in Calcutta, Bombay, and Madras in 1862. There are currently 25 High Courts in India, each with the necessary number of benches in their respective states.

The High Courts have both ordinary and extraordinary jurisdiction under Article 226 of the Indian Constitution to issue writs. These jurisdictions are granted to them by various statutes. Every High Court has original jurisdiction, which means it has the authority to hear and decide the case without passing through any intermediate steps, as well as appellate jurisdiction, which means it can hear an appeal from the decision of a court below it.

The High Court's Original Side Rules and Appellate Side Rules, respectively, set forth the procedures for the Original and Appellate Jurisdictions. There are slight variations in the Original Side rules and Appellate Side rules for each High Court in India.

What are High Court procedures? Find Best High Court lawyer in Mumbai.

The steps elaborated as follows can be used to understand High Court procedures:

  • Case filing
  • Writ of Summon
  • Pre-admission hearing
  • Admission
  • Admission hearing
  • Final disposal at Admission Stage
  • Final hearing
  • Judgement and decree

  • E-filing at High Courts

    High courts in India have adopted an e-filing system that allows for the electronic filing of legal documents in both civil and criminal cases. Any advocate registered to practise before the Bar Council of any Indian State may use the electronic filing system, as well as any petitioner presenting a case in person to the High court. The system uses technological solutions to file cases before various High courts in India in an effort to promote paperless filing and create time and money-saving efficiencies.

    After the Supreme Court of India, the High Courts are regarded as the highest courts in India. Each High Court carries out the duties, responsibilities, and authority entrusted to it by various laws. IF you are looking for the Best High Court lawyer in Mumbai for cases, e-filing and other prurpose. VK Dubey Associates is a famous Firm for you case. Contact us for more.

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