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Best Civil Lawyer in Mumbai: The Corpus Juris Civilis of ancient Roman law introduced civil law as a system of codified law (meaning Body of Civil Law). It is a collection of jurisprudential legal writings that Justinian I, a Byzantine Emperor, ordered to be published between 527 and 565 AD. It is also referred to as the Justinian Code for obvious reasons. Tribonian, a well-known judge at Justinian's Court in Constantinople, oversaw its creation.

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Relating to the private rights of citizens

The private rights of citizens are the sole focus of civil law. It applies to disagreements involving any kind of legal obligation or relationship between two or more people or legal entities. Residents of a certain state benefit from it because it enforces obedience through the judicial system. Civil law seeks to function in two different ways:

  • Prevent the violation of citizens' rights, and
  • Reclaim citizens' rights when they are violated

  • Codification

    Almost always, civil laws consist of a body of codified laws. A codified civil law is composed of a number of general rules in the form of articles that are adaptable enough to be used in specific situations. However, such an application calls for judicial interpretation, taking into account the "spirit" of the code.

    The following benefits arise from the codification of civil laws:

  • In a legal system, it establishes greater legal certainty. Contrary to ambiguous customary laws, it is specific and clear, fostering public confidence in the judiciary.
  • It facilitates the study of laws by facilitating the easy and systematic memory and application of particular provisions; and
  • It is easily amendable in response to shifting state needs.

  • Branches of Civil Law

    The area of law known as civil law is incredibly comprehensive and deals with a wide range of disputes involving citizens' rights and obligations. Several civil law branches include the following:

  • Contract Law
  • Property Law
  • Family Law
  • Tort Law
  • Corporate Law
  • Administrative Law

  • The body of regulations governing citizens' civil rights is known as civil law. There have always been discussions about creating a single civil code for all of India's citizens, regardless of caste, religion, gender, etc. If you are looking for the Best Civil Lawyer in Mumbai. You are in right place VK Dubey Associates is one of the Best Civil Law firm. Contact us for more details.

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