Best Lawyer for NPA Matters & DRT Matters

Result Oriented Lawyers who looks after your DRT and NPA matters expeditiously and secure immediate relief.

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Best lawyer for Domestic Violence Cases in Mumbai

Specialized Lawyers who deal with Domestic Violence cases very sincerely

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Lawyers deal with any kind of property/marital/societal/criminal conflict in a legal manner. Find lawyers here

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Lawyers For Civil and Corporate matters

We are certified lawyers specialized in Civil and Corporate matters. We assure quick attention and sterling service.

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Lawyers for Bail & Trial matters

Lawyers who look after bail and trial matters expeditiously

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Criminal Law

Get in touch with top criminal lawyers, be it theft, assault, abuse, trespassing or domestic violence.

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Family Law

A Family Lawyer would help you with all family law related matters such as marriage, adoption etc.

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Divorce Law

A divorce lawyer specializes in civil matter law cases. They handle a wide variety of family law issues.

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Our professional core group of team also provides services for Civil litigation and Corporate matters by filing the same before proper forum and handle smoothly and easily to get the best result.


Our group of efficient lawyers also help you to get filed any petition like Criminal & Civil Writ Petitions, PIL, Arbitration Petition, DRT Petition, Suits etc. before any Court all over India and get you the best result including Criminal trial and Best Lawyer for NPA Matters.


Attestation is the act of showing or evidence confirming that something is genuine. e.g. A letter of recommendation or a stamp and signature of a competent person on the certificate or document.

About Us

About Us

We specialize in services for Criminal and Civil matters, specially Bail, Anticipatory Bail, Criminal Trial, Corporate lawyer, Civil Suits, Bank Matters, Best lawyer for Domestic Violence Cases in Mumbai, intellectual property rights, patents, copyrights and many more fields through our highly trained professional.

We, VK DUBEY ASSOCIATES situated at Malad West, Mumbai, Maharashtra, are a one stop shop offering a wide array of legal services. We work professionally and ethically with a result oriented approach. We are strongly dedicated to our work and our services are remarkable. Our charges are very affordable.

We are famour for Civil Matter, Corporate Lawyer, Criminal Lawyer, Domestic Violence Cases and Lawyer for Bail etc.


  • Oriented Approach

    We work professionally and ethically with a result oriented approach.

  • Remarkable Services

    We are strongly dedicated to our work and our services are remarkable.

  • Affordable Charges

    We avail prompt and responsible responses at affordable charges.

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